Project Management

Program and Project Management have long been the hot button words surrounding the business projects of yesterday, today and the future.  These projects, all with countless new processes on how to most effectively run them, are in some cases becoming more effective but for most – more frustrating.  Additional process, documentation, redundancy, and lack of vision has left the project behind with a focus on the administration.  UGT has proven through various projects and PMO build outs a proven method for reducing administration, not compromising quality, mitigating risk, and improving project execution and focus.

Through the use of technical staff, software and extensive managerial strategies UGT assists companies with Project Management Office (PMO) Creation, Information Technology Program/Project Consulting, Engineering Program/Project Consulting, and PMO outsourcing.  The combination of functional and technical portfolio development will benefit the client by establishing a deeper understanding of how to move through a project with fewer and more manageable obstacles.

UGT engages companies from the top down or specifically to a project, all customized to meet the need of the client objective.  Client requirements vary, and specific processes need to be addressed to ensure quality project management practices.  Whether a project, a program, or even the creation of a PMO – UGT will assist in defining the value creation that the solution offers so clients have choices from best practice options.  The common client obstacle is too many projects with no way to forecast pipeline, resource workloads, or budgets.  UGT can culminate all of the practices into a comprehensive solution that manages all aspects of the environment, allowing the client full control over what happens.  The result is a PMO office that is transparent and accurate for all projects within the company.

UGT guarantees that their services will involve the definition, leadership, planning, management, control and delivery of projects on the client’s behalf, ensuring that all of the corporate goals are achieved. UGT is dedicated to upholding and protecting their client’s assets from start to finish. By providing expert guidance to inform and educate while maintaining a proficiency in strategic program management and tactical project management execution UGT will facilitate project execution, as well as knowledge transfer allowing for true client value.

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