Helping You Build Technology Portfolios with an Edge Over the Competition and the Threats

Attach the prefix cyber, or even just the letter e, to nearly any aspect of a government or commercial enterprise, and many otherwise accomplished professionals may instinctively react with aversion, if not confusion or fear. Yet Information Technology is becoming an integral part of nearly every business operation – and evolving more and more rapidly – making IT acumen and proficiency absolutely essential in today’s business climate.

Enter United Global Technologies. Every day, through our professional staff and advanced technologies and devices, UGT applies our wealth of IT knowledge and experience to the ever-changing IT needs of our diverse clients. Through our dedicated service, we ensure that our clients’ business operations remain both competitive and secure.

We’ve already done the legwork: we’ve vetted and selected the best IT solutions among the nearly unlimited options available today, and we keep up with new IT developments.

UGT provides a single point of contact for all IT needs in the most complex IT environments – both US government and Fortune 500 entities. Our superior past performance, as well as our comprehensive services portfolio, enable us to help clients navigate their IT options, avoid pitfalls, and get the most out of their overall IT investment.

UGT provides the following focus sectors to ensure vertical and complete IT support.


  • Application Design & Maintenance
  • Application Transformation and Modernization
  • Applications/Infrastructure Evaluation & Selection
  • Business Intelligence Consulting
  • Business Strategy & IT Planning
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Infrastructure Design, Development & Maintenance
  • Infrastructure Outsourcing
  • Infrastructure Strategy & Cost Management
  • Program & Project Management
  • Systems Integration