Information Systems

Technology moves faster than most companies can adjust to. From the newest mobile devices to the latest applications, businesses are faced with the fastest evolving IT atmosphere the world has seen……and it is simply gaining momentum. Without a plan, without a true partner, companies find themselves unfocused and not knowing where to go with their IT strategy.  Companies are looking for direct answers to complex problems, navigating business obstacles with simple, fresh, and easy accessible solutions.

UGT provides fluid solutions for federal agencies, state and local governments, as well as commercial enterprises.  The focus of our staff provides a business solutions approach to technology.  Our services solve problems, implement new processes, manage risk, and provide tactical and immediate advantage to our clients throughout the US.  UGT professional services take clients to the depth of their issues, eliminate base obstacles, facilitate communication and implement solutions that are adapted by client employees.

Our service offerings operate both in breadth and depth for both marco and micro solutions.  UGT provides an extension of clients’ current environment seamlessly executing solutions within existing environments, operating within the confines of great environments, as well as breaking out of the box where/when needed opening value streams in efficiency, revenue, and profit.

Information Systems services include:

  • Application Services
  • Business Intelligence
  • Data Management
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Infrastructure Services
  • IT Strategy and Management
  • Security Solutions
  • Systems Integration


Spotlight on Success

Champion Enterprises

Champion Enterprises, the largest modular home builder in the US with revenue in excess of 1.5B annually trying to align all of their manufacturing facilities into a single system. Originally engaged with the largest MS reseller in the US, the company was behind schedule and was hitting various obstacles upon the way. They reached out ... [Read more]