About Us

mission statement

United Global Technologies (UGT) is a different kind of technology company. Founded in 2005 with a morale backbone of two founding partners, UGT has emerged as a leader in the IT and Engineering Services vertical. Recently named to the INC 500/5000 and selected as one of the TOP 100 IT service providers in the US only solidifies our mission and focus on helping clients achieve their goals in a way that has not changed since our first day in business. We asked ourselves ”What if a company could work with a strategic partner in a manner that presented a win-win scenario, offering a single point of contact that could conduct all the required IT and Engineering activities in a scalable ‘service as needed’ model”? Would that be something companies would be interested in? The answer was yes and the idea spread. It spread fast.

Our focus is our clients’ business, what people do and how they make money is the focus of our company. UGT will look at business process, quantitative measures to determine priorities, and then determine technology and engineering solutions that leverage those business requirements allowing for a more efficient and profitable business. No business service exists in its own silo, but it exists to support the business. When that becomes the application of technology, clients’ quickly realize ROI, understand TCO, and look for UGT to provide a more strategic role in their overall business development.

This is more than IT and Engineering services. This is our clients’ future and nothing could be more serious.

Spotlight on Success

Champion Enterprises

Champion Enterprises, the largest modular home builder in the US with revenue in excess of 1.5B annually trying to align all of their manufacturing facilities into a single system. Originally engaged with the largest MS reseller in the US, the company was behind schedule and was hitting various obstacles upon the way. They reached out ... [Read more]