Business Strategy & Integration

The landscape in which we operate has changed over the last few years at one of the most rapid paces seen in decades.  The notion of being nimble and fluid used to be buzz words, now they are the lifeline of businesses that are growing and disrupting the normal operations of “old school” business.  The strategy and subsequent execution is the apex of a company’s ability to position themselves in the market.  UGT brings professional business strategy and integration professionals together, incorporating client management plans and building a business-technical-operations delivery service that holistically addresses all needs of the company and their respective impacts.

UGT’s service offering addresses our client and agency needs from the top level down, reviewing the full business outlook. Our executive staff is capable of addressing strategic initiatives and integrating them into the overall business plan for 100% value creation within IT, Engineering, and Business Process.  No matter the capability or process being evaluated, the mission is always the same – MORE WITH LESS. Our staff evaluates our client environments not only from a third party perspective, but with a best practice and cross business perspective. We look at best practices within the industry plus processes from other industries that when applied can benefit our client business models to achieve the results they need to remain competitive.

Strategy is overused in some cultures, under used in others, and simply ignored by the majority of companies. To effectively reach your goal, you must have a plan and the staff to get you there. UGT brings all those components to the table, capable of integrating all components of strategy from capital finance considerations all the way down to user adoption and change management practices.

Our Business Strategy and Integration services include:

  • Application and Product Evaluation and Selection
  • Business Model Strategy Review
  • Business Process and Systems Integration
  • IT Strategy and Enterprise Architecture
  • Risk Management and Compliance/Governance Services

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